About us

Discreet and personal

We are independent counsellors with a main focus on inheritance law and related legal topics. These are: matrimonial property law, guardianship law, foundations and trusts, immoveable property law and tax law.

Based on mutual confidence, our clients have access to our discreet and individual services.

We assist our clients in contacts with banks, insurance companies, attorneys-at-law, brokers and government offices (law court, tax office, land registry, children and adult protection authorities /KESB), civil registry office, funeral office etc).


After finishing his studies at Zurich University with a Masters Degree in law (lic. iur.) he was employed by the UBS AG. He worked in the Wealth Planning, Inheritance and Real Estate Departments for more than 20 years. His last position was Head of the Will Execution Center of UBS AG in Zurich with the rank of Vice President. 

Beat Schellenberg, lic. iur (MLaw), Estate Planner

Those duties included executing wills, acting as counsellor for estate planning i.e. last wills & testaments, trusts and foundations. Further he was internal expert for international inheritance cases with regard to the settlement of deceased persons‘ bank accounts. Stays of several months in Luxemburg, London and the French part of Switzerland were part of his career at UBS AG.

In December 2008 he established his own firm GmbH (English translation: Estate Trustee LLC) which is a Limited Liability Company under Swiss law.