Will Execution

The execution of a Last Will & Testament entails more than the partition of the deceased’s assets.

It contains neutral counselling of the heirs in many aspects. In many cases, neutral mediation between the heirs is required. Furthermore, a lot of paperwork has to be done.

The executor and the heirs have to take care of the deceased’s assets.

Are the deceased’s securities properly invested in accordance with the heirs’ strategy ? Is the insurance for the deceased’s real estate sufficient ? How do you evaluate the estate and what distribution in favour of the heirs makes sense ? What issues come up in terms of taxation of the estate and the heirs in different Swiss cantons respectively in different foreign countries ? How and where are the heirs’ shares to be invested ?

Our services

  • will execution and distribution of an estate
  • contact with government offices (tax office, law court, notary, registry and funeral office etc.)
  • inventory as per date of death (questionnaire for the inventory and minutes regarding the opening of a safe deposit box)
  • tax return as per date of death
  • inheritance tax (tax on the heirs‘ shares / estate tax)
  • administration of the assets until partition (checking the investment strategy)
  • delivery of the legacies
  • mediation between heirs
  • partition of the securities
  • cleaning up and selling of real estate
  • contact with banks and insurance companies
  • contact with land registry (partition and assignment of real estate)
  • implementation of usufruct relationships
  • search for deceased’s assets
  • search for heirs
  • provision of the certificates of inheritance respectively of the letters testamentary (letters of executorship).

Our clients (heirs) are domiciled in Switzerland or abroad. We wind up the estate entirely from A to Z respectively carry out only parts of the winding-up (e.g. administration, book-keeping, partition of securities) in accordance with the mandate, provided either by the testator or the heirs.