Real Estate

Prior to buying real estate, estate planning is to be taken into account at an early stage.

Before being entered as new landowner in the land registry, you should clarify how your property is registered. As co-ownership (50%/50%) or as joint ownership (in undivided property) ?
This problem should be resolved before concluding the purchase contract.

Spouses and other couples have the opportunity to buy their real estate as a „simple partnership“ (in German: “einfache Gesellschaft” in accordance with Swiss law, CO Art. 530-551) as joint ownership (in undivided property). In a special partnership contract they may determine the conditions of the joint tenancy during their lifetime and after their death.

As independent broker, we sell real estate of all kind: flats/condominiums, detached houses, blocks of flats and land for building.

We accompany respectively represent you for the contract conclusion and hand in the tax return for the real estate gains taxes.